DATE: Sunday 2 December 2018 | 3pm

LOCATION: 6 Ralph Street, Alexandria NSW 2015

Theodore Bruce Auctions is pleased to offer for sale Part Two of the Elizabeth Pryce Collection, as well as other fine pieces of Aboriginal, Oceanic and Tribal art from various vendors, at our Sydney rooms on December 2nd, 2018. This sale follows the highly successful sale of Part One of the Pryce Collection sold on October 10 by Sotheby’s in Paris. The collection comprises of figures, masks, weapons and implements and a wide range of traditional jewelry and body ornaments.

The collection was formed over many years by Elizabeth Pryce, a well-respected Sydney based Oceanic Art enthusiast and one of the founding members of the Oceanic Art Society. For her services to the OAS as secretary for many years she was awarded Honorary Life Membership. Elizabeth travelled to PNG and Indonesia herself on collecting trips as well as visiting collectors, dealers, museums and art galleries round the world in pursuit of her passion for Oceanic Art. This collection reflects her deep understanding and knowledge of the cultures which fascinated her, and maintains a high standard throughout. It represents an outstanding opportunity for both experienced collectors to acquire rare examples as well as for newer collectors looking for excellent pieces with a fine provenance.

Highlights from the Pryce Collection include Lot 14, a striking polychrome Tolai Mask from New Britain; a massive crocodile jaw dagger, Lot 16, from the Asmat region of West Papua; a large and heavily weathered Aitos figure, Lot 83; an early and beautiful Bragg mask, Lot 49, from the Murik Lakes region in PNG, and a large Solomon Islands Bavara, Lot 22. All these fine pieces are mounted on custom made steel stands and are of a world class standard.

In addition to the Pryce Collection, Theodore Bruce is also offering other excellent pieces from a variety of vendors. These include two exceptional swords, Lots 111 and 112 from Borneo and the Nias Islands in Indonesia; a nineteenth century parrying club from the Solomon Islands, Lot 225; a very large (239 cm by 137 cm) painting, Goanna Dreaming, by Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, which is accompanied with copious documentation including the original invoice; a powerful early Papuan Gulf figure, Lot 236, and a pair of rare Mortlock Island masks.

The auction will be held at 4pm on Sunday December 2 at 6 Ralph Street, Alexandria, Sydney. Viewing commence with Christmas drinks for all our valued clients on Thursday November 29th from 6pm to 8pm and then from 10am to 4pm on Friday November 30th; Saturday December 1st and prior to the auction on December 2.

For all enquiries please contact:

Business Manager, Ryan Cigana                                          [email protected]  61282124100

Aboriginal and Oceanic Art Specialist, Jim Elmslie               [email protected]            0407 913 870